Sabato Russo’s coed collection

If in the absence of words the silence allows the soul to tell its thoughts, a pure elegance allows the body and its gestures to express an emotion.
The gesture is definitely the core of the collection conceived by Sabato Russo for Fall/Winter 2019: in the language of silence, gestures go beyond the limits of the voice. The gesture is the condition that permits the state of mind to materialize in the dimension of matter.

The Italian designer likes expressing his philosophy through his Sartorial Monk fashion: the result is a clean-cut minimalism that finds its emblem in a revival of timeless classics. The purist need frees surfaces from useless frills, as well as the silence releases from noise, leaving the way clear to the natural expression of the soul.

On initial impact, the aesthetic of the lineup looks so simple and essential: very few elements are enough to shape into flawless identities. Yet it’s an “illusory simplicity behind which lies the complex difficulty of being simple”, as the fashion show’s notes report. Each detail is meticulously studied, in order to reach simplicity, versatility and purity all at once.

Soft and noble fabrics – as wool and cashmere, carded mohair – are handled into wide and longline shapes wrapping and protecting the body like a shelter. Knits and jerseys become three-dimensional surfaces that accompany the body without oppressing it. Velvet falls fluidly down the body, generating pleasant draping effects and tricks of the light at each movement.
The volumes are relaxed and extremely modern, where natural and delicate hues of grey combine with white and black, between more vivid gold and red flamingo flashes of shiny silk velvet.

Take a look at the images we took backstage while snooping around!

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