From arctic landscapes to sculpture dresses: nature transmutes into fashion

Aseptic, but still vivid, the tailoring approach moves at the borders with Couture. Constructions originate from the rigid structure of a corset, to give form to dynamic plays of volumes, contrasted by evanescent layers of tulle and wrinkled chiffon; and again, fine and intricate moulage à la Madame Grès sinuously shapes the body.

That of Daniel del Core is not a simple exercise in style – although well made -, but an ode to nature in its wonderful peculiarities, rendered through “Embers bloom”, the collection he conceived for Fall-Winter 2023-24 season.
Inspiration came from a trip to the Gates of the Arctic in Alaska, between glacial landscapes – translated into sculpture dresses risen above towering platform heels – and shore moss and lichen, here transmuted into evocative textures: like the organic-hued embroideries dispersed on a balloon dress, as well as the lichen reproduced on refined brocades on waisted jackets and extra long coats.
Linear dresses are declined into tactile and visual opposite consistencies: super-fine knitted dresses are ribbed into transparencies revealing the body; while other dresses are structured onto elegant black velvet, concrete and solemn, delicately draped on the body.

What really caught the designer’s attention, however, is the fire that all destroys but – with its transformational power – regenerates new life from its ashes: “My mind was ablaze with the idea of mutation and the potential for new forms that emerge from the ashes. (…) I was reminded that beauty can arise from destruction.
From here, the idea at the heart of the collection, which perfectly aligns with his personal “mutant glamour“, id est his tailoring abilities to explore new mutating forms. Via zipper constructions, placed at the hems, at armholes and even into the darts at the waistline, by unveiling parts of the body or conferring different wearability, jackets and dresses adapt to the wearer’s style and needs. Revealing therefore a playful and experimental feature of Del Core’s fashion, which ends up astonishing us, since through mutation, it is able to find a form of constant evolution. In nature, just like in fashion.

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