The Bag of the immediate future is 3D-Printed and Sustainable

The stage is set for a new and promising design project that perfectly blends sustainability and the most innovative technologies. So far in its early stages, Go BAGS is a project of extremely versatile and customizable bags thanks to their interchangeable cover, allowing easy adaptability to any occasion. Conceived by the creative mind of Francesca Flore, it is not only a union of peculiarity and functionality, but also a contemporary story of bravery and enterprise.

In January 2020 indeed, strong of a past working experience in the mechatronics engineering field, Flore decided to leave her job to plunge into a new experience, pushed by her passion for fashion, for the new technologies like 3D printing, and for sustainable materials. That’s how she found herself in Spain, jobless and in the middle of a pandemic, dealing with the launch of her enterprise with a 3D printer; in the first moment, she destined it to the production of breathing valves for the hospitals; in a second moment, she converted it into an E-commerce website -curiously called FLORE treeD– that plants a tree, thanks to an NGO, for every sustainable accessory sold.

The next, ambitious step is that of bringing to life her latest project, Go BAGLY precisely. “[Go BAGLY] represents my own way of life, that pushes me to constantly change and to unceasingly look for something new”, she affirms. A concept of innovation that looks at the future and for her is a synonym of sustainability.
Developed in a nice range of models, the bag covers are produced with the aid of 3D printing and made in PLA, an organic material obtained from corn; the internal lining is made of organic cotton in order to minimize the environmental impact; the shoulder strap and the laces of the drawstring are made in leather, as well as the internal label created with the laser printer.

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is active from March 19th, 2021, and it is available at the following link:

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