New York, London, Milan, Paris. Four citites, infitine styles. If yesterday the fashion capitals had a very precise aesthetic, today we spot a thousand different styles. The word “trend” is something more related to the past.

We travelled from one city to the other looking for the best street style outfits and here’s what we found.

New York. As one of the main American cities, the Big Apple happed to be at the center of the local political twister that saw the passage from a Democratic leadership to a Republican one. Worldwide the fashion system shows the wounds of this shake-up and the U.S. in particular. On the runways, as on the streets, we spotted slogans, forceful statements and a more serious attitude towards today’s issues.

London. Anarchy in the UK: in the most artistic and eclectic fashion capital we spotted a freedom in terms of following trends. Creativity and original styling choices rule. London is a city full of contradictions: Queen Elizabeth and Queen Vivienne, elegance and demolition of all the rules. This dichotomy always pervades the streets of the English capital.

Milan. As anticipated by Carlo Capasa, President of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the city of Milan and Milan Fashion Week are getting ready to take off and to re-mark again the leadership of Italy within the fashion industry. Colors and optimism on the streets outside the fashion shows and diverse styles, from classy to streetwear.

Paris. The French capital closes the fashion month and every season it is the perfect platform to show what elegance is and to present the best looks inside and outside the fashion shows. The streets are a glamorous jungle where editors, buyers and international guests move from a location to another to attend the collections. On the heels of the last season, Christinan Dior proved to be one of the best selling brand also this season.