The Fall/Winter 2019 collection unveiled

Milan’s Menswear Fashion Week opened with a spectacular effect, unveiling Alessandro Sartori‘s collection for Ermenegildo Zegna.

The 109-year-old Italian label opted for a location that reflects the intrinsic message of the entire lineup: the Central Station of Milan is a crossroad of diversities, a locus that embraces heterogeneity; a variety that enriches the status quo and adds value. In the same manner, the Fall/Winter 2019 collection is a crossover where classical high tailoring upgrades with sporty and utilitarian elements, resulting into a comfort-chic collection.

Inspiration came from British hunting culture: if the aesthetic is somewhat classic, reminding of the granpa’s tailor clothing made of elegant twills and glen plaids, all these elements are reproposed through contemporary lens, in order to adapt to nowadays youth’s necessity of dynamism.

Tailored coats are equipped with raglan sleeves on the back, clean-cut trousers go hand in hand with cargo elements, drawstrings, pockets and elastic waistbands; puffed bomber jackets combine with corduroy velvet.

The heart of the collection stands in the hashtag #UseTheExisting, put on the label of each piece, confirming that many of the textiles used in the lineup are recycled and recyclable; an eco-friendly commitment that Alessandro Sartori carries on his shoulders, servicing the fashion industry and the natural environment all at once.

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