The traditional Indian crafts at Paris Haute Couture Week

The Dawn contemplates the state of environmental damage and imagines the world that shall live beyond the interference of the human species. It emerges from an intensified realisation during the lockdown that the humans may not have to save the planet, but themselves. The planet perhaps shall survive regardless and the human species may succumb to their weakness.”

Rahul Mishra takes us on a philosophical and romantic journey of life and growth with his Couture Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Nature being the constant muse which inspires him in conceiving his slow fashion, the “Dawn” collection explores the impact of mankind on the environment – represented by the colourless background – and the revivification of Nature itself, illustrated by the beautiful colourful dresses, products of handcrafting mastery. Organic, natural effects on the rich textures want to imitate the growth of mushrooms in environments that don’t require any external nourishment and are essential to the operation of the biosphere.

The camera takes us behind the scenes, where the intricate hand works are taking place: it’s the thread embroidery, an art forgotten almost everywhere in the world, which with the crochet, the needle and the hands, in a successful combination with human genius, makes one of the most precious Indian crafting traditional techniques.

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