Face to Face, when fashion tunes in with personal stories

What would your shirt look like if it had to embody all the stories linked to your own life?
Yuima Nakazato tried to imagine it and drew a real Couture experiment out of it, which he named Face to Face. Finding himself confined in his own studio in Tokyo during the lockdown, the young fashion designer has planned to conceive some one-of-a-kind garments, with the help of online tools to establish an interaction at a distance with his clients. Thus, twenty-five white shirts with particular emotional relevance for the wearer have been sent to him by his friends. The aim? That of re-imagining and re-designing the shirt based on each client’s story, to finally return it to the owner just like a brand new garment.
If made-to-measure garments usually require a physical meeting with the client for the size measurements and client’s personal needs, the problem was spared in this project by using a client’s own shirt, which already fits them, to achieve a satisfactory fit of the new garments.
Nakazato’s distinctive futuristic flair has been smoothed in order to focus on basic garments such as shirts, but not for this reason less complex: his tailoring skills are let loose on the attention to detail, in the additions of white linen, contrasting piping, embroideries, and again, cut-outs, draped details, knitted inserts or rouches; briefly, any kind of insert personally desired by the client himself, resulting into pristine white garments of enviable perfection.
The result has been happily appreciated by the clients, of course, but also by Nakazato himself, who confirmed he has been positively inspired in a new way of garment making. Even though further news about his next project is to be communicated, he hopes “to help a harmonious future where human and garment, our society and environment find an optimum balance“, as written in his press release.
Consider it done, in one of the simplest, most interesting and efficient ways to create fashion, through an accurate listening and tuning in fashion with the most intimate personal story of who will wear it.
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