The Spring 2019 collection from Paris

Founded in 1993 in a former private mansion in Moscow, it comes as no surprise that Yulia Yanina‘s small workshop gradually became an internationally known Haute Couture brand: the elegant and luxurious dresses had a value in the materials and working processes worthy of the Alta Moda week in Rome, where the Russian designer started to showcase her creations, and later, the Haute Couture week in Paris.

For Spring 2019, exaggerated volumes compensate for deep low-cut necklines. A ladylook collection is composed by A-line dresses and off-the-shoulder gowns with wide sleeves and bell-bottom skirts.
It seems to be a suggestion for taking life with a light-hearted and joyful attitude, throughout a vivid lineup carefully assembled by the hands of 80 artisans. Declined in intense chromatisms for a colourful night party look, feathers range from pink and fuchsia to aquamarine, grey and white; silver sparkles go hand in hand with black chiffon explosions of volumes through balloon shapes; black is also in the sequined evening tuxedo outfit that shimmers with movement.
Constructed with solid fabrics, structural volumes are contrasting with more lightweigth textures cut into a jubilation of ruffles.

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