Dior sends another feminist message

Exactly one year ago Maria Grazie Chiuri made her debut for Dior with the Spring Summer 2017 collection and the September 26, she staged the Paris PE 2018 show on the first day of Paris Fashion Week.

“Maria Grazia dresses all”, she encourages girls to go much further when it comes to dressed up.

The Avenue Montaigne Maison celebrates its 70th birthday this year, but despite this, it keep up with the times.

In the garden of the Rondin Museum in Paris, a structure inspired by the sculptures of Niki De Saint Phalle, the French artist, died 15 years ago, who has always been sensitive to feminism. A collection inspired by the rebellion, the fragility, the artistic talent of this international artist, the only woman of Nouveau Realism, a 70s movement connected to New Dada.

She created “ Nanas “ , brightly colored female sculptures and the beautiful “ Tarot Garden in Capalbio “, where hundreds of small silver tiles are made up of unexpected mosaics on the walls and footbridge. This is where Chiuri has shown her versatile, feminine, extremely sensual looks.

Knee high socks, light jeans and striped t-shirts, a cap with a visor and ballet dancers; then double-breasted jackets, oversized jackets, denim suits, multicolored leather jackets. The classic Dior dresses with corsets are worn with striped blouses and they find an another life on brighter colors or embroidered shirts, dinosaur t-shirts, hearts, lilies. 

The pieces of the Spring Summer 2018 Prêt-à-porter Dior dress so urban chic girls, young rebel teenagers in their black and yellow transparent, black and fuchsia, black and orange transparent tulle skirts, “provocative girls” dressed in fairy tale Looks from a career woman blend into look like a little girl, almost like city dolls. 

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