Capìtulo II at London Fashion Week

Capìtulo II by Tìscar Espadas is about the concept of freedom. Freedom from imposed confinement in physical spaces -due to the lockdown measures-, that finds means of release in the power of imagination; but also freedom of expression and thoughts, which explicates in a meeting point between art and craftsmanship, through the extraordinary language of fashion.
 “Born in confused times of involuntary confinement, where our space – physical, social and freedom – has been limited and restricted to interiority, imagination has been the only possible tool to regain our freedom. To transport ourselves to our true being. To our home“, explains the young designer Espadas on her Instagram page. 
The home which she returns to is her beloved Spain, of course: many raw authentic elements from her home country culture – from the flamenco rythm to the garment detailing – spring indeed from her collection as an ode to her roots. The need for freedom of expression manifests through an exploration of the volume potentiality: sculptural and slouchy silhouettes with slightly balloon volumes, reflect the movements of clothes in the wind, suggesting a connection with the equipment used in outdoor windy activities.
The garments made with rigid and consistent fabrics, like denim, are provided with utility pockets and reinforced double seams, and characterized by a practical and genderless aesthetic.
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