The capital of all capitals, the fashion shows to end each spectacular fashion month, Paris offers a fantasy for all style lovers. And during fashion week, fashionistas from all over the world gather to celebrate their own unique styles alongside the designers that showcase their vision for the upcoming season. Some days I had to wake up and pinch myself because I couldn’t believe that I was in Paris. Oui, oui. I’m really here, I realized after feeling the sting of my own pinches. So each morning I put together an outfit to match the mood I was feeling (of course partially influenced by the designers and the shows I was going to attend) and let my google maps lead me to all the right places.

Paris was fashion. Paris is fashion. But during fashion week, the streets of Paris were one big (almost) never-ending runway. It’s hard to pick the best looks, but here is a collection of some of the top looks in my opinion. Don’t forget to subscribe to our database for the full collection.

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