Minjun Kim’s photo winner of the contest

His photo best represents the dialogue between Foundation’s architecture and oeuvres

The name of the winner of the second edition of Louis Vuitton Fondation‘s photography contest #MyFLV is now unveiled: Minjun Kim is the author that captured the best moment that perfectly renders the dialogue between the Foundation’s architecture and the collection’s artworks.

Taking part to SHOWbit‘s photography workshops last February-March, and again during the latest Homme and Haute Couture weeks in Paris and closely flanked by SHOWbit’s master photographers, Minjun gave evidence of being an excellent pupil: attentive and with an analytical approach to photography, he faced all the challenges with a collaborative and resolute spirit, and never gave up when results were still poor, but took it as an incentive to strive in following his tutor Luca Lazzari’s directions instead. As regards to his photographic eye, the facts speak clear for themselves…. Congrats Minjun!