Handcrafted Hybrids

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown in Great Britain beginning 23rd of March proved to be a challenge for Robyn Lynch, but also an opportunity to create fashion from a different perspective.
Necessity being the mother of invention, the young Irish designer -graduated from the University of Westminster in 2018- found herself in the condition to create within the limited space of her home studio in Hackney, and with limited materials; id est, any kind of textiles she had to hand, from the discarded and leftovers from her previous collections, to the donations of surplus materials by cycling specialists Rapha. The final result is something unpredictable, as documented by the home movie she realized while working on her pieces, which has been showcased during London Digital Fashion Week.
A strong artisanal approach led her to originate hybrid pieces gathered in a twelve-piece capsule collection, by mixing different textiles together: knitwear sweaters are then sliced by hand and reassembled with Lycra textiles of a more sporty taste (technical cycling clothing, more precisely) in a blend that fully becomes an expression of her Irish roots on one side (through the typically Aran cable knit stitches) and the youthful aesthetic, on the other, that takes us to a modern-urban context.
Each piece is a one-of-a-kind garment and available to purchase directly on Lynch’s website.
Styling by Ben Schofield.
Visit Robyn Lynch website

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