A personification of Nature

Nature is the perennial muse of Iris Van Herpen‘s eye-catching couture. The Dutch designer’s sculptural creations want to personify its forces and phenomenons, which are far more complex and engineered than human technology.

In her Spring 2018 collection, titled “Ludi Naturae“, inspiration came from the aerial photography, that allowed her to examine the natural and manmade landscapes from a bird’s-eye view, tracing the laws of entropy.

“I zoomed out to look at the earth’s skin, trying to find the forces behind the forms.” she explained in regard to her new collection. “Looking from this perspective, I felt inspired by the patterns of chaos and order, nature and civilization blending into infinite hybrids.”

That’s the reason why the artificial and the organic are fused together in her voluminous gowns. High-tech processes and innovative material techniques are used to conceive the collection. One of them is “Foliage“, consisting of delicate leaf-like patterns which are 3D-printed directly onto a fine, semi-sheered fabric. The 3D prints and velvet panels are precisely placed, as if Iris wanted to trace the topography of the human body.

The “Entropy” process combines instead mylar polyester with nude leather and liquid fabric. The fabrics are laser-cut into perforated patterns that are interwoven, creating a graded and undulating drape.

With the “Data Dust” technique, parametric patterns are distorted by computational algorithms and lasercut on invisible silk tulle netting, creating some “radiant glitches”.

The collection mixes a natural colour palette of blurred green, blue, purple and yellow, with skin colours and blacks.

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