A retrospective projection on the New

For Spring 2018, A.F. Vandevorst celebrates its 20th anniversary with a retrospective highlight on the brand’s successful pieces along the years.

The Belgian brand, based in Antwerp, presented ALWAYS+FOREVER, a careful selection from the archives that includes 40 outfits taken from 40 seasons; pieces that are here re-imagined in a contemporary light.

The aim of the anniversary show is to challenge the industry’s notion that the “old” is loosing value for the sole reason that it is not new. This concept is translated into the two designers’ will to conceive the design process on a more profound level, in order to reach an enduring final result willing to resist over the years.

Their dedication to depth is metaphorically expressed with layered volumes in all the looks.

The lineup, organized in chronological order, produces a homogeneous colour scheme that highlights the paradoxical combinations and contrasts between feminine and masculine elements, as well as the contrast between lines and curves.

The collection wants to retrace the artistic journey in fashion that the duo embarked on together. From the past collections: the AW98/99 saddle corset, and SS01 leather waistcoat and a AW9/10 felt trench.

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