The Fall 2018 collection

Germany has a very strong culture of traditional handcrafted garments. They are not simply “taken out of mothballs, dusted off and repaired once a year for the oktoberfest”; yet, they’re the emblem of the most important events of everyday life, especially in rural society; as they have a daily relevance, they carry the essence of German lifestyle.

The tracht is worn to celebrate anything: from a religious event, to a wedding, the birth of a baby, holidays and cultural festivals. Bearers of the national identity, they’re sewn, worn, cared for and treasured by the countless small villages that make the entire German landscape.

Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof are bringing the German tradition on the Parisian runway, converting it into an exuberant and refined eveningwear collection. The Fall 2018 collection carries a statement of its own: eyelet cotton fabrics are mixed with sequined skirts, sumptuous velvet gowns often enriched with rouches, silk moiré pieces in bright chartreuse green and turquoise. Lace borders are beaded with thousands of pearls and rhinestones. A mountain view is represented by a chevron motif made from a lurex and silk organza jacquard on a bomber jacket.

Each colour, flower, embroidery, lace and pearl has a strong significance for them: particularly, the duo’s beloved motto is GLAUBE LIEBE HOFFNUNG, id est FAITH LOVE HOPE, symbolized by a cross, a heart and an anchor that peek out through the collection.

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