Hiromichi Ochiai pays tribute to emotions

Inspiration springs from emotions in the latest Facetasm collection. The interesting lineup, – named Emotion – designed by Hiromichi Ochiai, wants to be a demonstration of different mental states and emotions that arise and nullify logic.

“As we grow older, we begin to hide these pure emotions that we once so strongly felt as kids.”, he writes in his show notes. “Then suddenly, these emotions come pouring out, as if a flood hit a broken dam.”

This out-of-control storm generates several outfits that bring into play the fabric structure: the aim is to capture the essence of the feelings and convert it onto clothes. The fabrics are then crumpled, layered, pleated, distorted and knotted. Fringes and free-flying panels correspond to unrestrained floods of emotions, applied on standard-cut varsity jackets and sweatshirts.

Lots of experimentation, asymmetries and unusual combinations characterize the Men’s and Women’s collection. A shivery effect is created by crinkled denim used to conceive suits. Shearling linings and stains are emerging from denim oversized jackets. Rigid cocoon-like coats hide disintegration, different fabrics combinations and cut-outs.

The Woolmark Company and skilled Japanese fabric producers collaborated with the brand to give life to an impressive final result.

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