The Fall/Winter 2018 Menswear collection

Rebellion is not a new topic in fashion; actually it is an ongoing force that is pushing towards innovation and new perspectives since decades. As brands are experiencing themselves, traditional silhouettes are brought into play and dismantled over and over again. Otherwise, they are simply proposed in different fabrics and colours, through a demolishing approach on what is supposed to be right or wrong, for men or women, for formal and informal occasions.

Tom Ford bumps into the fabrics that are traditionally considered feminine – as satin, brocade, lamé – and he transfers them onto a masculine perfect finished tailoring collection designed for Fall/Winter 2018.

Shimmering and iridescent fabrics are mixed up with animalier prints and reptile for suits, shirts and skinny trousers.

Classic impeccable cut suiting is realized in unconventional tones as pink, fuchsia and yellow.

Declined in optical white tones or black with a coffee internal side, the shearling jacket is worn over a turtleneck sweater.

The tassels instead are stolen from the classical moccasin and applied on sporty sneakers.

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