Fall Winter 2020-21 shows

Men’s wear shows are generally not supposed to capture much attention on hairstyling and make-up in the same manner as women’s shows. Yet, some subtle but interesting differences can arise in the men’s looks, revealing something about each brand’s character. Take a look at the Men’s Beauty photogallery from New York Men’s Fall 2020 shows!

Keenkee is a New York-based new brand that blends workwear, street influences and tailoring with a strong graphic imprint. On the Fall 2020 catwalk, technological mouthpieces – made from recycled old cell phones – are worn by the models on their face; “wet hair” effects on both short and long haircuts confer a retro-future look that goes hand in hand with Kee Kim’s intentions to interpret the present times through an outdated perspective on future.
A collection made of outdoor outfits turned Lise‘s FW20 show into a daring sportswear défilé, where men have practical looks and wear baseball caps, while shaved-hair girls wear a touch of black eyeliner.
Todd Snyder’s man is also an outdoor activities’ lover, yet he’s more attached to his traditions: classic tweed jackets and tailored trousers perfectly match with a natural “good boy” look.
Zadig&Voltaire‘s show is a plunge into the 70’s, and in the same manner as in this decade, the co-ed format show displayed a natural, casual beauty that emphasizes androgyny traits.

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Lise Fall 2020 – beauty runway

Keenkee Fall 2020 – beauty backstage

Todd Snyder Fall 2020 – beauty backstage / Todd Snyder Fall 2020 beauty runway

Zadig&Voltaire Fall 2020 – beauty runway


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