Functional shapes define the Men’s collection

A storage is the location where the latest Prada‘s fashion show took place. It’s the real storage of the Milanese brand, yet it assumes the metaphorical meaning of the brand’s heritage over the years.

The collection puts into the foreground the industrial soul and the utilitarian aim of the brand, that finds its emblem in the use of black nylon; a fabric Prada has been paying close attention to for years, in order to make it recyclable.

Miuccia Prada avoids any superfluous decoration to focus on the functionality of her workwear creations. Puffy minimal coats are matched with a shirt, tie and vest. Jackets are provided with big pockets, alongside nylon backpacks, aprons and document holders.

Other colors and fabrics are used as a backdrop; the colorful prints are not a decorative whim, yet they’re drawn from the Prada archive to conceive mid-length-sleeved shirts and bermuda shorts -or skirts for women-, adding an ironical mood to the workwear clothing.

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