The Italian brand debuted the Women’s line

Gaining ground in only four years, a Made-in-Italy brand rapidly captivated the international attention and appreciation. Founded in 2014 by designers Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina, Sunnei is now debuting its women’s wear line and presenting it alongside the men’s collection in occasion of Milan Fashion Week.

Their commitment in the Womenswear field was announced on Instagram through a video with a girl in Piazza Duomo wearing a white tee with the definition of the word donna (=woman). A commitment that is now tangible in the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, a coed lineup showcased at the 31st floor of the Pirelli tower.

The creative duo had the idea in their mind since they first launched the line, yet the major effort was to put it into practice: the woman’s clothing couldn’t simply come from the men’s and translated into smaller sizes, yet it needed to be re-thought and developed anew for the woman’s needs.
The oversized silhouettes dominate the scene and they’re declined in wide-leg jeans, cargo pants and baggy overalls, alongside anoraks and raincoats that remind the 90’s in mood and colours. The present coexists with the past, where dizzying platforms and retrosuperfuture glasses come from the 90’s.
The wide proportions are working on both men and women, conferring the collection a uniform aesthetic where genders are harmoniously fused together, leaving no room for distinction.

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