Alessandro Michele designs the symbols to read the world: 80’s rockstars and the golden age of glamour at Gucci Spring Summer 2018 collection

Creation is a poetic act and Alessandro Michele is probably one of the most poetic designer of our times. What he did with Gucci is a miracle in terms of financial income and diffusion of a brand that has soon become iconic. Alongside Marco Bizzarri, the brand’s CEO, he has developed an incredible strategy starting from the poetical vision of a genderfluid/vintage/glittery aesthetic that was spotted also on the runway on the first day of Milan Fashion Week when he presented the Spring Summer 2018 collection at the Gucci HUB in Via Mecenate.

This time Michele grabbed inspiration from 80’s sharp shapes and rock music, everything mixed with mysticism (as the invitation would evoke). Each garment vibrates with a tension that resists homologation, something the designer has always fought against, and with the garments and all the stunning items (the crying-sunglasses for instance) he told a story about being free and being independent .

Gucci SS18
Gucci Spring 2018
Gucci S18