The Fall 2019 collection from Milan

Marni is conceptually challenging. It belongs to that fashion branch that doesn’t simply transform the seasonal garments’ features for an aesthetic whim, yet the very significance of clothing and its end use are rather called into question.

The NeuroErotik collection challenges the “frustrating righteousness and the urgency of censorship” of contemporary fashion. It’s a collection that regards the encounter between the erotism of body signals and the mystery of neuro-connections, using a pictorial imprint and sourcing inspiration from underground cultures’ aesthetic. Architectural shapes develop through dynamic forms, with fluid silk surfaces that pleat and twist around the body, also declined in deconstructed and colourful patchworks. Shoulders split apart from glen plaid suits, which are rigidly cut-out and reassembled through chromatically contrasting silk components. The whole impression is a bold detach from conformism and common sense, where the feminine touch doesn’t fail, with a playful unveiling of the woman’s body through deep necklines and soft textures that don’t compel the female forms.

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