Stella McCartney Collection at Paris Fashion Week ss18

Positive vibes, colonial style, afro, denim and high class tailoring are the topics of this collection. 
Refining the classic woman’s image is a must for designer Stella McCartney. 
This collection is essential and minimal with straight cuts and charming details, emphasizing a bon-ton but bold and determined soul: rouches, unusual patterns, and smooth lines. 
Animalier texture and african prints embellish long dresses, suits, trousers.
Washed out denim pieces and one-shoulder t-shirts bring forth an uncomplicated yet bold style.
The colors chosen by Stella McCartney are mellow and often faded: white, green, brown, black, with some addition of some vivid fuxia, violet, and red coral pieces.
Every Stella’s collection also wants to represent her activism, as in campaigns against breast cancer, proposingclothes that valorize women in their daily moments.
Indeed, her brand’s outfits are comfortable and conceived for true women, in their private lives and jobs, fighting each day for their independence.

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