The Women’s Fall 2019 collection

Great textiles are always the reference point from which Natasa Cagalj‘s collections originate. Since her arrival at the helm of Ports 1961 house in 2014, the Slovenian-born designer succeeded in adding a minimalist imprint to the idea of working clothing.

For her womenswear Fall 2019 collection, named Unclassical, she took the classic square masculine tweed suits and submitted them to a deconstruction – and reconstruction – process, making them suitable to nowadays most avant-gardist working necessities.

Juxtapositions and layerings of different fabrics result into rigid cut-outs; lapels are removed from the overcoats, conferring a cleaner and minimal look. Fabrics also convey an idea of dynamism: as if they took on a life of their own, they detach from shoulder seams, loosely wrap the body or unfold around the shoulders.

Monochromatic outfits are alternated with tapestry floral prints, disposed in blocks, that are asymmetrically splashed on garments, alongside silky black-and-white garments and glossy-coated coats.

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