Focus on the Haute Couture Spring 2019 eye-catchers

Contemporary interpreter of thousands of years of Chinese cultural heritage, Guo Pei is a master in pleasing the most luxurious pretentions with her Haute Couture creations.

For Spring 2019, a new sumptuous lineup was conceived and presented in Paris, conferring a spectacular effect with lavish embroideries, unique details and structured volumes.

Here’s a focus on Accessories: real eye-catchers of the show, the accessories are worthy of attention as well. Each of them tells a story by its own, drawing inspiration from fairy tales, legends and even military history.
Accessories are perfectly matching the clothing, embellishing the woman’s body from head to toe.
The high-heel shoes develop with a sculpted plateau, where the heel is moulded into the head of a dragon or a pillar with metallic flowers around it; or again, covered by mounted gems like a precious mosaic, or shaped into a Chinese lantern. The heel even disappears, letting the plateau shape into sculptural volumes that challenge gravity and equilibrium.
Precious stones and fringes decorate the pendant earrings; in the hair, metallic rings and golden twigs with flowers and leaves surround and sustain the chignon.
Silver bracelets are twisting around the arm with a sinuous movement, or combining with finger rings in a singular jewelry piece, for a real Oriental princess look.

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