When memories turn into yarns in the artisan’s hands 

Thinking about his childhood memories of building tent houses and creating his personal refuge underneath blankets led Federico Cina to retrace his sweet recollections and to experience them once again – but this time through clothing.

Padded cozy fabrics and quilted fabrics – enveloping the body like protective shields – are the pivotal pieces of the Fall / Winter 2023 collection, named “Appartamento“, showcased at Milan Fashion Week, constructing a new place to live in around the body, a place where one would find comfort, safety and well-being. In the same way, an enticing play of textile juxtapositions and layered garments confer a cocoon effect.
Adjustable clothing pieces are structured in such a way as to allow the paneled pieces to deconstruct and split apart through buttons, while plays of drawstrings generate gathered and draped volumes lifting aside a woman’s dress.

His fashion is all about textiles: his fabrics have a strong tactile concreteness, expressing at once their craftsmanship origins, be it for their composition or the way they were dyed.
Knitwear is undeniably his ace in the hole: if for Federico it is the freest form of expression, allowing – in the same way a blank canvas would – to create one’s own story through yarns, then his reveals his love for experimentation: cable stitches originate amidst floating yarns, intarsias compose the sweaters like a two-colored painting, while patchworks artfully combine floral and argyle motifs.

Federico Cina is authentically different, with no need to follow the seasonal fashion trends but his only pure creativity, and a hands-on approach that proves to be such a precious and unique source of beauty today.

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