Prada and Alexander McQueen hidden symbolism

There’s a significance often hidden behind a graphic trait or a symbol applied on a garment or accessory. They are not a mere aesthetic whim, yet more often they have a historical relevance that contribute in expressing the identity of the brand.

The archive images acquire then a strong importance. That’s the case of Prada, that chose to draw some extravagant emblems from the past collections: on the bags, a monkey dangle from a triangle, alongside dinosaurs and robots. The flame comes from the Spring 2010 collection, while bananas from Spring 2011.

Currently driven by Sarah Burton, the house of McQueen roots its symbolism in Alexander‘s fascination – or even obsession – for the natural world: he loved the beauty and the engineering of it, in addition to its combination of fragility, strength and savagery. In his Victorian Gothic-styled collections, where horror and romance, light and darkness were combined in a fascinating result, nature was always the inspirational source, a locus for ideas and concepts. The narrative of transformation is a recurring topic, like a snake shedding its skin or -as for Fall 2018- a butterfly originating from a cocoon; again, the human race could morph into an underwater creature, a reptile, a bird or an insect.

In Burton’s Fall 2018 collection, 1.483 embroidered bugs depicting 37 different species were applied on a tulle dress, referring to Alexander’s passion for entomology. As the butterfly transformation dominate the collection, the lepidoptera is also on necklaces and earrings in three-dimensional shapes, alongside spiders and insects, conferring a mysterious and disturbing trait.

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