Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the Fall/Winter 2019 collection

The fashion world has not enough fantasy for Hiromichi Ochiai‘s taste, and fantasy is exactly what he decided to put on stage for his Fall/Winter 2019 collection. Drawing inspiration from the witches’ and wizards’ tales, the Facetasm creative director casts the “magic spell” that Japanese parents usually chant to distract their children from crying.

Throughout a collection that blends pop and tailoring, sportswear and Japanese urban style, the designer wants to challenge our very notion of socially codified clothing, by staging a representation of fashion possibilities chosen with disregard for order and established convention. On the show notes, “children’s laughter / melts into a rainbow of ecstasy”. Like children who rummage into boxes full of clothes and choose their identities with fun, similarly the adults should feel free to play with fashion and choose their clothes driven by their emotions, states of mind and fun, without fear but freedom from social norms. That would be the antidote to homogenisation.

A range of unisex pieces succeed one another, in order to put the light on the singularity of the new generation.
If deconstruction is a constant at Facetasm, the lineup includes lots of eye-catching and unusual components: a pair of jeans with back pockets on the front, asymmetric trousers transforming into ruffled layered volumes on one leg and shearling jackets converting into scarves. Reversed trench coats are combined with cut-out sweatshirts; zippers applied on jeans trousers can modify the volume of the leg.

The collection was designed in collaboration with Danish jewelry designer Vibe Harsløf, who gave her personal interpretation of Asian and Western use of symbols and references to magic and superstition, turning them into silver wearables for Facetasm specifically.

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