An ode to the Made-in-Italy craftsmanship

She opened the bridal schedule at Sì SposaItalia Collezioni, the most prominent showcase for bridal and ceremony collections in Italy, that this year will last from 6th to 9th of april 2018.

Elisabetta Polignano is one of the brands that represented the Made in Italy; a definition that stands for the highest quality in the tailor-made process, alongside an extremely careful choice of the most precious fabrics, preferring the natural fibres.
For her 2019 collection, the Italian designer focused on innovative and surprising elements, such as vibrant colours and cutting experimentation.

Pink fuchsia and yellow chartreuse stick out among the traditional white; a tough touch is in the cropped leather biker jacket matched with dreamy gowns for a romantic goddess.
She plays with volumes and fabrics consistencies; as a result, bell silhouettes are mixed with fitted mermaid dresses that follow the body shape, enhancing the feminine silhouette. The upper part is constructed with V-necks or bustier dresses, often covered by a weightless cape made in tulle and lace, worn over the shoulders.

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