Naersiling, where tradition meets modernity

Spring/Summer 2019


“Ambitious” is the term that would well define the contemporary woman who chooses Naersiling. Founded in 2008, the Shenzhen-based brand owns an aesthetic built on a young state of mind, never losing sight of the real needs of a contemporary woman. In the same manner as classical tailoring is blended with modern design, so the traditional plaids and textures are mixed with unusual coatings and surfaces. Minimal but not rigid, the design is perfectly suited to a woman with a strong self-consciousness.

DAKUN: a streetwear story

Spring/Summer 2019


Dakun is a newborn Chinese brand that aims to take the ancient Eastern culture – as Taoism – and bring it to the youngest generation through the street code. At the head of the label, the designer Liu Yong targets not only women, but also men and children. The Spring 2019 collection is a streetwear story from start to finish: bomber jackets, anoraks, sweat pant pieces and hoodies are realized in vivid reds and oranges alongside army green and black aplenty, while luxurious fabric coatings were used on coats and trousers.

C+ SERIES: Non-conformist

Spring/Summer 2019


Extreme sports are the inspirational source for conceiving the debut collection branded C+ SERIES. The designer C.T. Liu defines his new born label as feminist, paying homage to the strenght and refinement of a career woman who fights in the “urban jungle”, and conferring her clothing an ethereal charm.
Knitwear is definitely the most interesting study field for this Chinese label, that takes advantage of the three-dimensionality of the knits and their dual nature: on the outside, metal yarns create a glittering surface, while on the inside it offers a comfortable and soft second-skin layer close to the body. The brand’s will to translate the woman’s internal freedom into phisical form results into sudden cuts; fabrics lose their integrity and gradually fray; volumes expand over established categories; all elements convey the idea of a nonconformist and independent woman.

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