A tribute to Coco Chanel

A tribute to Gabrielle Chanel was paid with the latest Chanel Cruise collection designed for Spring 2019.

One hundred years ago she was creating the first Cruise collection of the history: her love towards the sea and the sailing resulted into the launch of wool jersey and silk jersey, used to conceive practical and comfortable clothing inspired by the sailor uniforms she saw on Deauville beaches. For 2019, the Grand Palais of Paris was converted into a marine background, where an enormous transatlantic -called La Pausa, as the house of Coco on her beloved Côte d’Azur- looked like it was going to raise anchor.

A navy mood prevails in the lineup: white, light blue and red are assembled through stripes on wide leg trousers and the iconic bouclé wool for the suiting and tailleurs. 80’s influences are in the wide and airy silhouettes that seem both comfortable and majestic as a veritable power suit.

A ladylook touch is in the A-line dresses and twin-sets matching the tweed beanie and a jewel cascade, while the distressed jeans adds a touch of transgression.

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