The Bags from Milan Fashion Week | Fall 2020

Clutches or baguette bags, belt bags or shoppers, purses or backpacks: whatsoever form it can take, the bag has become an integral part of our everyday life.
In the same manner as fashion doesn’t simply exist to protect our bodies from bad weather or shame, it comes as no surprise that bags aren’t just conventional items to carry our necessities. As well as apparel, bags are today more relevant when they match particular aesthetic and practical criterions in line with personal tastes or social trends. 
It seems that there are almost 40 existing bag types today to meet everyone’s taste. Among them, the so-called status bag has a pivotal role in the accessories world: a precious object which is worth the possess more than the actual use of it. Functionality here moves to the background in the name of a luxury whim, especially when it comes in the form of a jewel bag or mini bag (GCDS, Versace).
Riding the wave of the modern fascination for functionality, highly artisanal products get enriched with sporty / utilitarian elements and technological gadgets incorporated into belts and shoulder straps (Philipp Plein, Fendi), in support of the modern needs of travelling more often than ever before, or facing overloaded working days with our tools at hand.
Classic bags are signature of distinctive, durable pieces that go beyond the concept of seasons and fashion trends: elegant shapes and sculpted perfection are essential aspects to conceive a crafted bag through high-end fabrics and Italian age-old traditional skills (Jil Sander, Marco de Vincenzo, Bottega Veneta, just to name a few names).
Chez Alberta Ferretti, bags match harmoniously with the rest of the outfit; unusual, playful proportions elude predictable shapes at GCDS, Anteprima, Fendi. Where innovative, experimental approach meets minimalism, pre-established shapes and motifs are instead reworked through the lens of contemporary times: as an exemple, the neo-primitivist weaving and knitting techniques are reconsidered and often made with natural and eco-friendly fibres in an eco-conscious perspective (Gabriele Colangelo, Cividini). 
Bags can also be heralds of different cultures, sewing the patchwork of different cultures in a joyful coexistence (Marni).
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