The coed Fall 2019 collection from London

No other brand ever synthesized political activism and fashion better than the very first pioneer of punk aesthetic. Back to the Fashion Week schedule in London to showcase her coed collection for Fall 2019, protest bursts into Vivienne Westwood‘s catwalk once again, turning her show into a message of hope for a better world. The global problems she faces aren’t restricted to corrupt politicians, austerity, Brexit and our information overloaded society, yet they include global warming and sustainability themes as well.

The collection perfectly blends the Savile Row expertise in tailoring with the punk energy that always has distinguished the British house. Men and women advance along the catwalk with golden and silvery unsettling faces, showcasing an ageless fashion bearer of subversive messages that stir up rebellion against the status quo: activism and commitment are required in order to have positive changes, employing the same punkish spirit that has been pushing against stagnant conservative ideas since the 70’s decade.

Handwritten slogans succeed one another on shirts and dresses; all elements and combinations convey an idea of contrast, as the traditional tailored tartans against bleached denim garments, velvets and sporty/urban outfits, corsets against puffer bomber jackets.

Take a look at the close-up images we captured on Vivienne Westwood’s catwalk!

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