Outfits from Annakiki‘s Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 collections

Human creativity and Technological inputs merge into Fashion

Fashion Flair is the name of the first outcome of the encounter between Huawei‘s artificial intelligence, Annakiki‘s creative flair, and  SHOWbit‘s historical fashion images database. It’s an experimental and ambitious project, that brought to the conceiving of 20 outfits by Annakiki’s creative director, Anna Yang, with a totally innovative approach that couldn’t go unnoticed among all tech and fashion enthusiasts. This experiment was proof that technological inputs can even give life to a fashion collection if profitably co-operating with human talent.

For this project, Huawei collaborated with a team of Italian developers in order to create an app for the smartphone, Fashion Flair, that has been trained with more than 35,000 full-lengthed runway iconic fashion photographs of the latest 100 years, alongside a set of photoshoots – all provided by SHOWbit photo agency – from Annakiki’s latest collections. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence of Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro, the app is able to create innumerable options of outfits by elaborating inputs and filters set up by the designer.
It’s a perfect example of how artificial intelligence can be of service of human creative streak, as these technological tools can offer propositions and creative inputs that will serve as a starting point for further creative developments: it’s up to the designer to mix all these factors with his/her unique and distinctive style and co-create original outfits. For Anna Yang, it is a baby step of a technological era in the fashion field that we can now only imagine.

The designer drew inspiration from the Huawei products’ color palette for her collection, whose dresses recall the shimmering hues of Amber Sunrise, Breathing Crystal, Black and Aurora. This collection is uniquely available on the online store LuisaViaRoma.com; part of the profit will be devolved to a project in support of young talents from the Italian main Fashion Design schools. The app Fashion Flair will be made available to the students by Huawei in order to encourage a fertile dialogue between fashion design and technology.

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